Data Science Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

The Data Science Engineer will play a key role at DRVN Intelligence, required to help create and maintain industry-leading quality and efficiency of service and software delivery. The Data Science Engineer will be a part of the Data Analytics team and will be expected to meet and exceed DRVN Intelligence’s quality standards, while helping the organization rapidly expand advanced analytics workflows and capabilities.


  • Participate in analysis of client data and formulate well-defined problem statements and recommendations for advanced analytical workflows that are usually provided as very open-ended problems
  • Create and design dashboards by using different data visualization tools to present reports and insights, and support business decision making
  • Design and develop ETL workflows for serving data to the dashboards as needed
  • Write complex SQL queries with multiple joins to automate and manipulate data extracts
  • Perform exploratory data analysis to identify patterns from historical data, generate and test hypotheses, and provide product owners with actionable insights
  • Create advanced analytical models using advanced statistics, machine learning or other methods for client-specific use cases
  • Create production-worthy ML workflows and pipelines.
  • Participate in the creation of Statements of Work and other Prospecting activities that require technical expertise and inputs. 
  • Participate in end to end analytical system design when needed, including end to end ETL, reporting and visualization workflows, ML pipelines (continuous training, continuous serving) and data modelling as required
  • Design testing process, create and execute test cases for advanced analytical workflows
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues and defects


  • Maintain and exceed client satisfaction with DRVN Intelligence Inc.’s deliverables, day-to-day work and overall value as a partner
  • Cultivate opportunities for company growth, always seek areas where DRVN Intelligence Inc.’s role could be expanded
  • Adapt to ever-changing client needs and expectations
  • Maintain dedication toward achieving excellence in DRVN Intelligence Inc.’s delivery against client needs, and overall success as an organization
  • Be an enthusiastic, positive and generally awesome team mate, mentor & constantly curious learner
  • Stay up-to-date on relevant technologies, plug into user groups, understand trends and opportunities to ensure we are using the best possible techniques and tools


  • Enthusiasm to take on new challenges
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
  • 1+ years experience working on Data systems and advanced analytical workflows built on the cloud. GCP, AWS or Azure preferred
  • Strong understanding of statistical analysis of data including correlation analysis, outlier analysis and hypothesis testing
  • Strong understanding of data visualization concepts, different types of visualisation charts and choosing the appropriate visualisations to convey insights effectively
  • 1+ years of experience building interactive dashboards using at least 1 data visualization tool such as Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI or Looker. Experience building visualisations exclusively using Python or other programmatic libraries will also be considered.
  • 2+ years of experience using Python. Java or other programming language experience will also be considered
  • 2+ years of experience using SQL. Experience writing large dynamic analytical queries will be a strong asset
  • Strong understanding of regression models, classification models, neural networks, decision tree models and unsupervised learning models such as k-means clustering. Ability to analyze a problem and make decisions on the appropriate candidate models for the problem
  • Experience building machine learning models on large datasets
  • Experience in hyperparameter tuning and evaluation of ML models
  • Experience using data science libraries such as pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, keras, nltk etc. Experience using Tensorflow is a strong asset
  • Strong understanding of Feature Selection and Feature Engineering concepts
  • Experience using ETL/orchestration/workflow management frameworks like Apache Airflow preferred, but not required
  • Strong understanding of and experience with large scale OLAP databases and data warehouses. Strong understanding of Google Cloud BigQuery preferred
  • Understanding of digital marketing ecosystems and tools like Google Marketing Platform, GA360, Google Ads, Adobe Suite etc. a strong asset
  • Technical understanding of a range of marketing concepts such as cookie-based data collection, setting and leveraging audience segments, attribution modelling, A/B testing, knowledge of marketing KPIs and their calculation will be a strong asset. 
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills are essential; candidate should be comfortable presenting and participating in group discussions of concepts with internal and external stakeholders


  • 100% employer-paid benefits package
  • Monthly yoga and meditation classes 
  • Regular Lunch and Learns from your Team Mates
  • Fun Employee Events and Activities
  • Participation in Community Engagement

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