Senior Full Stack Developer

Posted 6 months ago

DRVN Intelligence Inc. is seeking a candidate for a full-time role with its Data Systems team in Toronto, ON.

The Senior Full Stack Developer will play a key role at DRVN Intelligence Inc., where we design, create, deploy, maintain and grow industry-leading Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud For Marketing products, solutions, and services

The successful candidate will be expected to meet and exceed DRVN Intelligence’s quality standards while helping the organization rapidly expand into increasingly complex application development, data engineering, and related workflows.


Role-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Instilling Development Best Practices and Skills/Procedures Advancement for DRVN Intelligence Data Systems team
  • Establishing, maintaining and evolving development best practices and tools, and continuously keeping them aligned with current industry best practices and procedures
  • Own the end-to-end responsibility of taking requirements from design to implementation
  • Create and design Database schemas as per system requirements
  • Designing end-to-end architectures for FullStack projects
  • Good understanding of REST principles
  • Write complex SQL queries to automate and manipulate data extracts
  • Assist, and at times take lead on the design and implementation of features to new and existing products
  • Build tools for deployment, monitoring and operations
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in the development, test and production environments
  •  Develop reusable processes that can be leveraged and standardized for multiple instances
  • Guiding and supporting junior team members in skill development and resolving issues
  • Collaborate with UX/UI designer for project and product designs

Company-wide Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and exceed client satisfaction with DRVN Intelligence Inc.’s deliverables, day-to-day work and overall value as a partner
  • Adapt to ever-changing client needs and expectations
  • Maintain dedication toward achieving excellence in DRVN Intelligence Inc.’s delivery against client needs, and overall success as an organization
  • Ability to provide clear guidance and support for advanced problem solving and system design to large teams at enterprise-level client companies, aiding the evolution if their digital practices


  • 3+ years in Full Stack Development, including Frontend and Backend
  • Experience in server side development using MVC and OOP in one or a number of languages like Python
  • Familiarity with Python API frameworks like Flask and FastAPI
  • Experience in front end development including front end frameworks like (React, Angular, Vue.js etc.)
  • Experienced with Redux and Styled Components
  • Has good understanding of Material UI principles
  • Experience using both NoSQL and SQL databases (Familiarity with designing databases is key)
  • Familiarity with deployment tools like Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience working in a Linux environment
  • Experience using version control like Git or SVN
  • Strong understanding of DevOps principles and best practices
  • Experience in GCP, AWS, or similar cloud computing environment is a plus
  • Experience with APIs for Digital Marketing technologies such as DCM, DBM, Facebook Ads Manager is a plus

What’s In It For You?

  • 100% employer-paid benefits package
  • Monthly yoga and meditation classes
  • Fun Employee Events and Activities
  • Participation in Community Engagement

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