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Services Overview

DRVN Intelligence provides end-to-end solutions, designed to resolve challenges and drive progress within enterprises’ Digital Ecosystems. In order to realize major opportunities available through Digital channels, organizations need to effectively manage and coordinate many moving pieces

DRVN Intelligence’s services scope can be broken down into 3 complementary categories:


Proprietary software alternatives built in-house are quickly becoming obsolete, as companies such as Google, Amazon, Adobe, Salesforce, etc. continue to offer more powerful, user-friendly and integration-enabled product suites.


However, these platforms are ultimately enablers for businesses, not complete solutions. Organizations understand the need for building and growing their stack of Marketing, Analytics, CRM, Content, etc. tech, but are almost never in a position to extract full value from them. Beyond the challenge successfully evaluating, implementing, building business processes around and maintaining a given platform or solution, enterprises must strive for seamless connection between all major platforms on hand.


Out of DRVN Intelligence’s 3 core service areas, the Processes component of organizational Digital Ecosystem management is something that’s often overlooked. A critical factor dictating effectiveness in the digital space is the configuration of the teams and workflow supporting it.

DRVN Intelligence specializes in establishing and strengthening clients’ internal and hybrid internal/external workflow models. For each organization, there is a unique optimal distribution of responsibilities and accountability, and the potential to change this allocation in order to achieve business objectives.


Our Data Systems team adds the most value when our clients have existing workflows and tools in-place that are being used for Tracking, Measurement, Reporting and Performance Optimization. The DRVN Intelligence Data Systems team can immediately identify gaps and missed integration opportunities, immediately evolving client data systems holistically.

  1. Overcome every roadblock in the way of our clients’ reaching their goals, through designing
    and deploying custom software solutions within Cloud Computing Environments.
  2. Empower Client and other DRVN Intelligence teams with data and analyses that are
    otherwise indecipherable.
  3. Let the machines do the work they are best at, bringing exponential efficiency improvements to
    our clients’ optimization and decision-making through the integration of Machine Learning,
    Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems.

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