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Data has become the fuel for organizational intelligence and effectiveness, but still under-utilized. We assume the role of your expert Big Data, Cloud, and Machine Intelligence partner, migrating static and manual data flows into automated cloud solutions. Within the scope of Data, DRVN Intelligence serves three core purposes:

  1. Overcome every roadblock in the way of our clients' reaching their goals, through designing and deploying custom software solutions within Cloud Computing Environments.
  2. Empower Client and other DRVN Intelligence teams with data and analyses that are otherwise indecipherable.
  3. Let the machines do the work they are best at, bringing exponential efficiency improvements to our clients' optimization and decision-making through the integration of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems.

Our Data Systems team primarily works within Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce Cloud environments. Some products worked on include:

  • Computation, Programming & Developer Tools
  • Data Storage, Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, etc.
  • Relational and Non-Relational Databases
  • Data Visualization, Real-time Dashboards
  • Networking, Security & Compliance
  • Big Data Tools
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our Data Systems team adds the most value when our clients have existing workflows and tools in-place that are being used for Tracking, Measurement, Reporting and Performance Optimization. The DRVN Intelligence Data Systems team can immediately identify gaps and missed integration opportunities, immediately evolving client data systems holistically.

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