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Digital platforms, tools and cloud environments have rapidly evolved to become requirements for any organization looking to compete in their industry. Proprietary software alternatives built in-house are quickly becoming obsolete, as companies such as Google, Amazon, Adobe, Salesforce, etc. continue to offer more powerful, user-friendly and integration-enabled product suites.

However, these platforms are ultimately enablers for businesses, not complete solutions. Organizations understand the need for building and growing their stack of Marketing, Analytics, CRM, Content, etc. tech, but are almost never in a position to extract full value from them. Beyond the challenge successfully evaluating, implementing, building business processes around and maintaining a given platform or solution, enterprises must strive for seamless connection between all major platforms on hand.

The outcome is often a continuous scramble to onboard and use newer and more promising technologies, while simultaneously trying to improve the effectiveness of the existing stack. DRVN Intelligence helps organizations get ahead of the curve, and refocus their approach to Digital Ecosystem management without slowing anything down. Centralized business needs and goals must dictate the trajectory and configuration of enterprises’ platform ecosystem, not the inverse.

DRVN Intelligence can help improve the performance and usefulness of tools on hand, finding redundancy and cutting platforms out of the ecosystem that do not provide enough value for their cost. 

We maintain expertise across all major tools, platforms and cloud environments in order to deliver the most value to our clients, including:

  • Media Buying & Traffic Acquisition Platforms
  • Analytics & User Behaviour Tools
  • Attribution, Conversion Centralization & User Journey Platforms
  • Audience Management, Centralization & Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Content Delivery, Syndication & Asset Management Tools
  • CMS Tools
  • CRM Systems
  • Optimization, Personalization & Testing Tools
  • Marketing Automation, Sales Automation & Lead Management Tools
  • Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Tools
  • Feedback, Survey, Phone & Chat Tools
  • Influencer, Community Management & Reviews Tools
  • Local & Proximity Marketing Tools
  • Ecommerce Platforms and Feed Syndication
  • Tag Management & Data Layer Integration Tools

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