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Out of DRVN Intelligence’s 3 core service areas, the Processes component of organizational Digital Ecosystem management is something that’s often overlooked. A critical factor dictating effectiveness in the digital space is the configuration of the teams and workflow supporting it.

DRVN Intelligence specializes in establishing and strengthening clients’ internal and hybrid internal/external workflow models. For each organization, there is a unique optimal distribution of responsibilities and accountability, and the potential to change this allocation in order to achieve business objectives.

Some of our most common areas of focus within the establishment of processes include:

  • Integration of Marketing Intelligence and Data Systems functions to create complete Digital Ecosystem solutions
  • Platform, Tool & Technology Ecosystem Design & Planning
  • Business Needs Analyses and Goal Setting
  • Organizational & Team Structure Review, Optimization & Design
  • Resource Placement & Team Training
  • Implementation of Agile Systems & Workflows
  • RFP/RFI Creation & Administration
  • Business Value, Expenditure & ROI Analyses
  • Client Internal Team & External Partner Collaboration Design
  • Digital Transformation/Evolution Enablement
  • Transitioning Digital workflow from Outsourced to In-House and/or Hybrid

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