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DRVN Intelligence fulfills a promise often made but seldom delivered, to become a true extension of our clients’ stakeholder teams. Our partnership model is adapted to fit different needs within distinct projects, but is built to transfer value into enterprise teams instead of clients outsourcing core business functions.

Based on the premise that the clients’ team, data and platform ecosystems will always be evolving, DRVN Intelligence is always adapting to changing partnership needs as opposed to fulfilling a fixed role.

We take a cyclical approach to sustained Digital Ecosystem advancement.

Client teams continuously adopt workflow that’s initiated or enabled by DRVN Intelligence.

  • In all areas where our clients have internal capacity for a given type of project/goal:
    • The DRVN Intelligence team will work side-by-side with the client teams to complement existing platforms, systems and skill sets
  • In areas where clients do not have internal capacity for a given type of project/goal:
    • DRVN Intelligence’s intent is to fill gaps in capabilities through initially delivering 100% of required workflow so that our clients can immediately benefit from the output
    • DRVN Intelligence transitions this workflow to client teams through the development of Platforms, Processes and Data that DRVN Intelligence helps clients establish, based on client goals and timelines

Every initiative undertaken by the DRVN Intelligence team will have definitive completion criteria and timelines, concluding with either:

  • Completion of a set task/objective, having delivered a custom solution or implemented an off-the-shelf product
  • Complete transition of capability/process to our client’s internal team, with DRVN Intelligence acting as a “Support Desk” where needed

Projects are not undertaken without definitive understanding of value to our clients, and set deliverables that become permanent client assets.

Each project builds onto the sophistication and strength of existing Platforms, Processes and Data, creating a Continuous Innovation Cycle feeding client capabilities and efficiency.

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